Professional GPS Dash Logger

MXL2 is the next generation professional GPS dash logger based on the best-selling MXL which is installed in over 15,000 race cars all around the world.

MXL2 is integration-ready with over 700 brands and models of ECU via CAN, RS232 or K-line. In addition, it supports 12 analog and digital inputs from sensors such as linear potentiometers and thermocouples, allowing the recording of virtually any type of data on your race car.

Starts at $1,999. Free shipping

aim mxl2 front view

3X CAN Connections, 8X Analog Channels,
4X Digital Inputs, 2X Digital Outputs

MXL2 offers all the connections and inputs you will ever need out of the box. But should you need more, Channel Expansion modules can be added for virtually endless number of inputs. MXL2 offers 5,000Hz of total sampling frequency.
  aim mxl2 with sensors and peripherals

Fully Configurable LCD Screen

Configure up to 8 custom screens to display whatever you like: temperatures, pressures, track map and position, etc.

Photo courtesy of AiM SRL
  aim mxl2 configurable screen
Set Up MXL2 via WiFi

Many race cars are tight on the inside, so configuring AiM devices can be a challenge. MXL2 now features WiFi connectivity, allowing you to set up MXL2 whether you are inside the cockpit or around the car near a sensor.
  aim mxl2 configuration using race studio 3 over wifi

Integration Ready with SmartyCam HD

MXL2 readily integrates with SmartyCam HD to create HD videos with advanced data visualization on the fly. Absolutely no post-processing needed!
  aim mxl2 integration with smartycam hd
  AiM MXL2 GPS Dash Logger
Type Professional GPS dash logger
Sampling freq. 5,000Hz; 1,000Hz max each channel
Sensors Tri-axial G and gyro sensors
Lap timing GPS by default; magnetic/optical optional
CAN inputs 3X
Analog inputs 8X; expandable
Digital inputs 4X; expandable
Digital outputs 2X
Data recording 4GB internal; expandable
Power 9-15V
Size 7.39" x 4.06" x 0.86"
Water proof IP65
  Primary Harness Channels
  CAN expansion
  K-line ECU
  Optical lap
  Analog inputs 1-4
  Digital input 1
  Expansion Harness Channels
  Analog inputs 5-8
  Digital inputs 2-4
  Digital outputs 1-2
  aim mxl2 back side with deutsch connectors
aim mxl2 primary harness
AiM MXL2 GPS Dash Logger

Starts at $1,999
Free shipping.