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aim smartycam with solo dl integration
AiM SmartyCam and SmartyCam GP (Standard Definition)
If you are looking for the high-definition SmartyCam, please visit AiM SmartyCam HD product info page.

The SmartyCam is an on-board camera that combines a solid state digital video recorder with high speed GPS and real-time data overlays. Configurable instrument transparencies, real-time track position and GPS lap timing result in the most stunning video ever seen from an on-board camera!

  • Operable in two modes: standalone and integrated
  • Standalone mode: camera uses its own GPS and accelerometers as data sources to be overlaid on the video
  • Integrated mode: with an AiM data logger, the camera can overlay any type of data that is available from the logger, including throttle position, brake pressure, RPM, etc.
  • Video resolution: 720x400 @ 30fps
  • Lithium battery operated: record up to 3 hours of video on a single charge (SmartyCam only)

    SmartyCam GP

    SmartyCam GP features a bullet cam for easier set up and mounting. The main processing and recording unit can be installed and removed independent of the camera which eliminates the need to realign the camera each time it is removed from the car. The size of the bullet cam makes mounting in tight areas possible.

    Free Suction Cup Mounts
    All SmartyCam orders will include one (1) complimentary suction cup mounts for your camera.

    E92 M3

    Road course #1 | Road course #2

    Options and Pricing    
    AiM SmartyCam $999 Wide angle lens
    AiM SmartyCam $999 Standard lens
    AiM SmartyCam GP $1,099  
    AiM SmartyCam GP $1,131 With mounting bracket for bullet cam

    aim smartycam front view
    aim smartycam side view

    aim smartycam top viewaim smartycam back view

    aim smartycam bullet camaim smartycam sd slot
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