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M-World's Project and Customer Cars

The Red Bull
RBM3 is an all-out street-legal track machine. Modifications are limited to those that will reduce its lap time. Included are KW Compeition 2-Way dampers, StopTech BBK, rear seat delete, titanium exhaust, M-World Clubsport Aero, OMP racing seats, and an AiM data acquisition system that downloads from the ECU in real-time. More photos.

  The original Red Bull is an interpretation of an everyday high-performance sports car that is visually striking. Modifications are simple yet distinctive. More photos.
From an Enthusiast to a Track Junkie
Data: AiM Solo DL data logger and lap timer with M-World's ECU harness; SmartyCam; Suspension: KW Clubsport with track alignment; Safety: OMP FIA 8858-2010 composite helmet; OMP ARS FIA 8855/1999 racing seats; OMP 804L FIA 8853/98 safety harness; Brakes: StopTech ST-60/40 with Pagid Yellow RS-29; Aero: Arkym front splitter; Vorsteiner rear trunk lid; Power: Akapovic Evolution; ESS tune; Traction: Apex 18x9.5/18.10.5 wheels; Yokohama ADVAN A048. More photos.

  The Daily Driver
M-World/Metropolitan black-out pacakge (front grilles, side grilles, rear spoiler, wheels and hood vents), KW HAS spring kit with adjustable ride height, rear back up camera, Turner test pipes, M-World custom coding.
StopTech brakes, Bilstein shocks, camber plates, fully adjustable suspension arms, and Enkei wheels.

  NASA TTA #393
KW Clubsport, Akrapovic Evolution exhaust, Recaro seats, and AP brakes.
KW V3, M-World AiM Solo DL PnP kit, and AR down pipes. More photos.

  Project Crimson
Moton Clubsport, M-World Clubsport Splitter, and M-World AiM EVO4 PnP kit. More photos.

LMB E92 M3
Arkym front spoilter, Eibach springs, painted wheels, blacked out front grilles, side grilles, and exhaust pipes.

  MR E92 M3
KW Competition 2-Way, M-World Clubsport Aero, M-World AiM Solo DL PnP kit.

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